Tire Testing & Modeling

Stackpole Engineering Services was initially founded as a tire testing, modeling and analysis services company, and these areas remain at the core of our business expertise. With over 40 years of combined experience in the area of tire testing and analysis, SES engineers can assist your company with all phases of a tire test program, including:

  • Test program development, including the development of warm-up procedures, the selection of the proper test procedures, and the finalization of appropriate test inputs and outputs.
  • Coordinate test scheduling and tire shipping.
  • Design and fabrication of required test adaptors and test rims
  • On-site test and data acquisition engineering support.
Calspan Testing Facility

In partnership with Smithers Scientific Services and Calspan's Tire Research Facility (TIRF), Stackpole Engineering is able to offer comprehensive tire testing services in support of tire design programs and vehicle dynamics simulations. We offer a wide range of testing support, including:

  • Standard Force/Moment testing programs, both wet and dry
  • Durability testing
  • Spring rate and Damping testing
  • Wear testing
  • FTire™ testing

In addition to our tire testing services, Stackpole Engineering also provides comprehensive support for tire data fitting (tire model dataset development) and tire analysis. Our tire analysis services include failure and durability analysis, handling and tire pressure optimization analysis, as well as tire/vehicle set-up and design optimization. We use our own in-house tire data fitting software to develop tire datasets for all commercially available simulation software in the following model formats:

  • Pacejka Tire model ('89, '94, '96, '02)
  • MF-Tyre™ (all versions)
  • FTire™
  • SWIFTire™