Software Portfolio

SES TireAnalyzer

The TireAnalyzer is a tool designed to accurately investigate tire behavior and handling characteristics. Tire optimization is the first mode of the program which is used to investigate individual tire force and moment characteristics as a function of tire states and inflation pressure. Vehicle analysis, the second mode, is used to optimize a tire as a part of a vehicle assembly.

Product Features

  • Tire mode configuration is completely customizable
  • Up to ten tires can be analyzed at one time
  • Users can save sessions to store and share analysis
  • Integrated with SimEnvironment and DAP to easily import vehicle states

Analysis Types

  • Inflation pressure analysis
  • Lateral force vs. inflation pressure analysis
  • Single point analysis
  • Full corner analysis
  • Full vehicle system gains analysis
  • Pressure build-up analysis
  • Balance prediction analysis

DRP Dynamic Scaling System

The DRP Dynamic Scaling system is a custom product created for DRP Performance. This software is included with the purchase of the DRP Dynamic wheel (DSS-300EL) load fixture which provides real suspension analysis for short track race teams.

SES TireOrganizer

The TireOrganizer is a comprehensive software tool extensively used by racing professionals to quickly organize tire inventory into sets based on several sorting methodologies. The tire sets can easily be manipulated further with simple drag-and-drop operations for situations such as two tire stops or increased tire inventory. TireOrganizer supports both standard and road course track types.

Product Features

  • Allows the user to organize their tire inventory by several methods including:
    • Least front stagger sort
    • Consistency sort
    • Cross-axle sort
    • Date sort
    • Multi-level sorting
    • Road course support
    • Inflation pressure adjustments
    • Tire wear analysis and lap predictions
  • Tracks tire wear and predicts the tire life in laps
  • Generates and prints tire specialist's worksheets to assist in sorting tires
  • Predicts tire inflation adjustments to ensure consistent tire spring rates.
  • Supports both oval and road course tire sorting strategies

SES SPMM Plotter

The SPMM plotter is a post processing tool that reads raw data channels from SPMM testing and displays them graphically in a fully customizable format.

Product Features

  • Supports numerous ABD binary data file formats
  • Automatically identifies and sorts files by test type
  • Allows data from multiple vehicles to be easily overlaid
  • Plot all channels output from the SPMM including spare analogs and encoders
  • Provides the ability to fit polynomial equations to SPMM data
    • Loading, unloading, or average of hysteresis loop
    • Linear, quadratic, or cubic equations
    • Multiple curve fits over user defined ranges to best capture bump stops or bushings behavior
  • Customizable graph templates

SES DOE Analysis Program

DOE Analysis Program (DAP) is an easy-to-use DOE post processing tool that works in series with SimEnvironment. Setup changes on the track can be overlaid graphically in real-time through a customizable graph tab interface or in 3D with the response surface plotter. Your vehicle can be modified quickly, easily, and confidently with DAP.

Product Features

  • Customizable graph templates
  • 3D surface plotter
  • Pareto plots
  • Response vs. track Condition plots
  • Delta plots
  • % gain plots
  • Response vs. setup Factor plots
  • Setup factor impact analysis
  • Math Channels