SES Supports HyTech Racing

October 17, 2018

HyTech Racing is Georgia Tech’s award-winning Formula Student Electric team. Established in 2011, the team brings students together from a wide variety of backgrounds to work on a serious engineering endeavor. At HyTech Racing, our goal is to further our students' engineering experience through the design and development of high-performance electric racing vehicles.

In the 2018 season, HyTech Racing reached new heights, taking home the 1st place prize at Formula Hybrid, and 6th place at Formula SAE Electric. In the coming seasons, the team plans to continue its iterative design process with the goal of engineering the best-performing vehicles.

Team at FSAE Electric 2018
HyTech Racing’s HT03B on the endurance track at Formula Hybrid 2018 (photo courtesy Kathryn Lapierre)
HyTech bringing HT03B to Autocross at FSAE Electric 2018